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adj. Latin Orgin. /mee-otch/ an eloquent term use to place a woman into her proper social strata without her knowing that she is truely without a doubt a bitch
Steve replied to Laura, "Why do you always have to be such a miotch about everything?"
by Epsilon 219 May 02, 2005
1.) Derogatory term for your friend Mitch; to be used on all festive occassions.

2.) rhymes with "Biatch".
"What up Miotch? pass the bowl...biatch!"
by you know who this is February 17, 2004
Instead of using the curse word "bitch," I used to call my mom "miotch" to get around cursing. Plus, it sounds cooler.
You are one stupid miotch!
by Joel July 09, 2004
This guy gets a thumb up, that is for sure. However, can we really tell if he has thumbs or not? Is he capable of giving himself a thumbs up, or must he hold a thick pencil in his palm facing skyward to resemble a thumb? Either way the man is a legend, thumb or no thumb. He is close with Dan the Man but not in a sexual, friend ship, or literal meaning.
Is that a pencil in Miotch's hand?
by Slapstick Comedy Gone Wrong December 23, 2004
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