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one of the hottest beasts that god has ever created. When he walks, all eyes turn to him and he leaves girls fighting over him.
*minwoo walks*
girl #1: WHOA O__O
girl #2: dont even think about it. he's mine
girl #3: yours? he's taken by me
by xsusanz December 12, 2004
One of the sexiest men in korean entertainment with everchanging hair styles, and he's best known for his dancing abilities. A member of Shinhwa, now launched his own solo career M.
You: Have you heard Minwoo's album M?
friend: of course!
by bebe January 01, 2004
minwoo is a fashionable hobo
especially when he doesn't shave for a few days, and he wears jeans..it looks like you can find the him on the streets of downtown, L.A.
by susan April 07, 2005
A korean pop star who spends too much time on his hair. Also, he's gay.
Like omg like whoa, girlfriend! Dongwan and Minwoo are holding hands!
by AdultMolester July 08, 2004
a gay and short korean singer who flirts to much and thinks he is the sexiest man alive but isnt and is ugly and his hair is screwed
person 1:wow have u seen minwoo harassing Hyesung and licking Eric's Tongue and flirting w/ hyori
me: of course he is gay and n' does dat on the daily bases
by illusi0nshad0w August 26, 2004