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1) Korean word for Legend/Myth
2) A six member Korean singing sensation. Whom's styles differ from a very ghetto rap to a very touching ballad. ( Members include Shin Hyesung, Eric Mun, Lee Minwoo, Park JunJin, Andy Lee, Kim Dongwan. )
I love Shinhwa.. :)
by mLe December 29, 2003
mostly used when an awkward silence occurs, leaving your brain left to say nothing except shinhwa. excels any conversation and makes you seem much more intelligent. can also be replaced by a word or name of importance which are used in the examples below.
"........ well, shinhwa!"
"......tony ahn...."
by shinhwaaaa April 25, 2005
Noun. To have group gay sex in hotel rooms while on tour.
Oh my, those six pulled off a Shinhwa last night!
by doot doot April 11, 2005
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