minwoo is a fashionable hobo
especially when he doesn't shave for a few days, and he wears jeans..it looks like you can find the him on the streets of downtown, L.A.
by susan April 07, 2005
Top Definition
One of the sexiest men in korean entertainment with everchanging hair styles, and he's best known for his dancing abilities. A member of Shinhwa, now launched his own solo career M.
You: Have you heard Minwoo's album M?
friend: of course!
by bebe January 01, 2004
one of the hottest beasts that god has ever created. When he walks, all eyes turn to him and he leaves girls fighting over him.
*minwoo walks*
girl #1: WHOA O__O
girl #2: dont even think about it. he's mine
girl #3: yours? he's taken by me
by xsusanz December 12, 2004
A korean pop star who spends too much time on his hair. Also, he's gay.
Like omg like whoa, girlfriend! Dongwan and Minwoo are holding hands!
by AdultMolester July 08, 2004
a gay and short korean singer who flirts to much and thinks he is the sexiest man alive but isnt and is ugly and his hair is screwed
person 1:wow have u seen minwoo harassing Hyesung and licking Eric's Tongue and flirting w/ hyori
me: of course he is gay and n' does dat on the daily bases
by illusi0nshad0w August 26, 2004
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