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7 definitions by mega

A backstabbing hoe bag that didnt invite his friends to a lan party.
"Hey guys whats going on?"
"Nothing, Fetus is just having a lan."
"Oh really! When?"
"Oh that dirty motherfucker"
by mega December 22, 2004
8 1
Am extremely talented individual who shoots semen like a water pistol or super soaker, depending upon the mood.
Damn check that spot on the wall, it came jetting in from miles away...must have been from shootah!
by mega December 22, 2004
8 5
A professional gamer.
Wow. I wish I could grow up to be like megatronic mommmy!
by mega December 22, 2004
8 8
Envelopes extreme homosexuality strenuously to the tune of naked sweaty men.
Wow I like men SO MUCH i think ill call myself KLARITY on the INTARNIZZLE so that I can get all the guys FO SHO
by mega December 22, 2004
0 1
Best buddy in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!
Lazy Joker pwnz!
by Mega December 16, 2003
1 8
Like a filthy little monkey, only better.
she's a proper filthy little minkey
by mega March 28, 2004
8 18
hornty as hell
stroung sex
Banging a hot chick
Did your mom last night bitch
wow u ass fucking cock sucker that was some good sex
by Mega July 07, 2004
27 41