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A family vehicle driven by men who by mischance got their girlfriends pregnant. Therefore they get the sport edition to still retain their manliness and look cool doing it.
"that fuckin minivan drives likes he's in an F-1 racing minivan"
by sölvi September 05, 2003
358 103
a car that is every teenagers nightmare to be driven in
you havea minivan? sorry i cant go out with you
by bananaduck December 29, 2003
329 87
2 fingers in the vagina, a full fist (five fingers) in the ass. Just like a real mini-van, 2 in the front, five in the back
I gave her the mini-van last night and she loved it!
by borgo October 22, 2008
254 16
In a group of 3 people, the second fattest.
Stacy's a unicycle, Jackie's a minivan, Mariah's a School Bus.
323 87
A hot girl's fat friend.
Kanye West:
If a stripper named Porscha and u get tips from many men
Then your fat friend her nickname is Minivan
by Dennis Le May 26, 2005
280 56
2 in the front, 5 in the back...step above the shocker.
2 fingers in the vagina and 5 fingers in the anus.
I gave Cindy the shocker...well I gave Ivana the Mini-Van.
by Fatty69 January 03, 2009
277 54
The fat friend in the group.
"Then your fat friend her nickname is minivan." - Kayne West
by LBTMFATMRCLEAN February 22, 2008
315 92