An individual who's soul purpose in life is to build the sickest lowrider mini truck ever and drag the hell out of the frame rails so that sparks illuminate the night.
Yo, that mini trucker has a sweet truck, drag that shit.
by Tyler Humphries September 11, 2007
Top Definition
The baddest mother fucker you will ever meet.
Hes a minitrucker, hes a bad mother fucker.
by Puddin06 May 20, 2008
A person who drives a mini-truck. They like to put work into their rides to show their creativity. You can normally find a mini-trucker draggin his/her truck down the street. They have respect for others and love life. A true mini-trucker will have adjustable suspension.

Mini-truckers drive their trucks low and hold their heads high because they have an unwritten and unspoken agreement that they will live life to the fullest and never fall victim to 'the norm'.
"Son, someday you will make a girl very happy, for a short period of time. Then she will leave you and be with new men that are ten times better than you will ever hope to be. These men are called mini-truckers."
by Heffner April 09, 2007
The owner of a lowered or bagged truck, which defies the very purpose of a truck. Usually in disrepair or not running, driven by Tapout and Affliction attired homos. A minitruck is quite possibly the gayest thing since AIDS.
Jim always needs a ride, since he's a minitrucker...his truck is either down for repairs, or can't be driven in rain or snow.
by rallydood January 11, 2011
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