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A term used to describe any lowered, bagged, body dropped truck. Minitrucks are known for their paint jobs, rims, interiors, custom body work, systems, and last but not least, how low to the ground they ride. Minitrucks derived from the low rider car culture with an urban twist to it. Each year there are many minitruck shows all over the United States and throughout the world.
Chevy: s-10, Trail Blazer, Blazer, X-treme

GM/GMC: Sonoma, Denali

Ford: Ranger, F-150, Sport Trac

Dodge: Ram, Dakota

Cadillac: Escalade Truck

"Oh man, did you see Matt's Minitruck? He was draggin' all the way down the street throwin' mad sparks everywhere."

"That minitruck is laid out. It's literally sitting on the ground."
by strawberrypunk88 September 13, 2008

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