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Minitruck - a small compact truck that looks good on air bags layed the fuck out on the ground. nowadays, it is not uncommon to see a minitruck with wheels larger then 20 inches and still laying on the ground. minitrucks sole purpose is to drag and make as many sparks as humanly possible. Real men drive minitrucks, and real minitrucks kick ass
Dude that minitruck was sick, layed the fuck out on 22s
by Numatik August 03, 2008
when a minitruck or another air ride equipped vehicle lets all the air out of the bags (or air cylinders) cause the vehicle to be lowered to the point where the frame (or body) of the vehicle drags on the ground making sparks. When done properly, you can throw a shower of sparks over 100 feet behind you on the freeway right into that chp officers face. by doing this, you gain 'mad props' from fellow minitruckers and lowriders
Dude i was dragging my shit the other day and my rollpan ripped right off my truck!
by numatik August 03, 2008
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