the minge is the fur around the vagina, often it is thick and tufty though some people shave and trim it
i like furry minges, the furrier the better
by CameronG July 19, 2005
A particularly vulgar term for the haven that is sometimes shaven.

Also known as a Wizards Sleeve, Beaver, Muff, Fanny, Twat, Rat and, my favourite, Cunt.
A drunken male coming out of a nightclub may shout "Alright darling, can I have a go on your minge?!"
#minge #fanny #cunt #muff #flaps
by Homer SexualSimpson August 16, 2007
Ditty from UK 1950s
The area of singe round the fringe of the minge is equal to the length of the poke times the speed of the stroke
#vagina #pussy #cunt #fanny #pudenda #vulva
by Aforanon October 09, 2006
A British slang term for Vagina
"Ooh, me minge is kicking out a right pong!!"
#minge #vagina #pussy #twat #fish
by The Dannii November 20, 2006
The Female Vagina;
Originally From Old German and Pronounced Minger, with a hard G ; it has travelled through all the European Nations Via Migration of Populations through the ages.
" All men come out of a minge on the first day of their Life and then they (nearly all) spend the rest of their lives trying to get into one. "
#the entrance to paradise #fanny in uk english #the tunnel of love #heaven's gate #the cavern below the perfumed garden.
by Cyril Squirrel April 01, 2007
Female genitalia
Word of advice, in America your fanny is your arse....not your minge.
by stu February 20, 2004
Not the slice itself, but the map of Tasmania. In certain cases, grows out of control and gets into places you don't need it to inhabit.
Gross minge. I'll be flossing with pubes for weeks!
by notapaki August 27, 2003
cunt. Romany word meaning the same or waist
she flashed her minge
by klidenengro February 13, 2004
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