A combonation of the words mini and tiny. Refers to something very small.
Oh, that's a miney one. Could also be related to teeney tiny, but definately not itty bitty.
by kb4 April 09, 2006
Top Definition
They were usually poor and underemployed. They once had jobs in the iron mines until World War II. Once the mines closed, they found jobs at a Ford assembly plant in Mahwah, NJ until it closed.
by Federal Q2b July 22, 2005
1. an inbred person of black or indian decent living in the mine area, and/or recylcing center.
1. Look at that group of mineys !!
by babeeGRL June 10, 2005
Imbread folk of the Ramapo Mountain area in New Jersey. Descendents of English settlers, hessian Soldiers, Native Americans, and run away slaves. These people live mainly in Upper Ringwood and Stag Hill of Mahwah. Since they are imbread, their last names are usually Mann, Degroat, Van Dunk, Milligan, and Devries. Speak in their own very unique dialect of english including words and phrases including;
"Ahh Shoot bouy, I'm a get my cousin on you!"
"I'll hit'cha in yah eye, make yo toe-nail fly!"
Watch out for those Mineys they're not very friendly to outsiders.
by Darnell Jefferson January 31, 2007
Good for nothing, lazy black, porch monkeys, that sit around fucking their cousins, eating squirrels, and collecting welfare checks.
Shoot buoy, i ate this skwerl and now im sick, mayb i woodnt be so sick i i was a reglar human insted of a miney
by The Italian $tallion April 22, 2010
Actually it's called the mine area, located in ringwood,nj.
There is no such word as miney, only ignorant people would claim such a definition. So to you people suck it!
Ringwood Mine Area, The Mines, Ringwood, Miney (no such thing)
by india82 February 08, 2008
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