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A knock off coach bag. Hello, we know its fake! Coach is spelled with a C, not a G. Owning one of these should be considered a a sin. Not only does everyone know it's a fake, but we are all pointing and laughing too.
Oh my god look at her Goach bag, it is so Generic, what's the point?
by kb4 April 09, 2006
Refers to ankles that are actually the same size as the calf.
If I had cankles like that I would always wear long pants. Usually present on old woman who have swollen legs and in some instances young people too.
by kb4 April 09, 2006
Someone who is cheap. Usually refers to a small tipper.
Oh great, el cheapo left me 10% on $150 tab. Usually the person is miserable, possibly jealous if the waitress is young and El cheapo is a older woman. Also and most generally applies to men who are cheap (El). Sometimes this can be a foriegner too..
by kb4 April 09, 2006
A combonation of the words mini and tiny. Refers to something very small.
Oh, that's a miney one. Could also be related to teeney tiny, but definately not itty bitty.
by kb4 April 09, 2006

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