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People who have mindset changes can usually see them days in advance, through their dreams. However, what the change of mindset will be remains a mystery until it is experienced.

1. mindset (noun) - outlook towards life (aka CounterStrike)
-(X)I'm just saying that i have a feeling something is going to change my mindset this summer, and i dont know what it is yet.
(Y)Are you trying to say that you are a psychic , but at the same time saying youre not a psychic?
(X)I do have dreams about the future, but it'only several days in advance.
(X)I'm not kidding....

-I'm looking for a change of mindset.
by MTM September 03, 2004
Originating from an attempt to look like a retad by spelling "sweet" as "suite" in order to validate a trade in fantasy football. Suite is one of the hottest commodities in sound waves right now. Often used in conjunction with d00d, man, dude. It is being suggested that changing the spelling of a word to it's homophone compliment will gradually overtake the 1337 language common on the internet.

1. suite (noun) - greater than or equal to "sweet"
- Suite, d00d, very sweet.

- Suite, dude, very sweet.

- That's retad, very suite.
by MTM September 03, 2004
A paradoxical soda size that has been theorized but not yet created. It's creator, Brian Regan, uses it to throw McDonald's employees for a loop.

1. extra medium (noun) - a medium soda "extra'd"
2. extra medium (adj) - something that is better than average
1. HHHuuuuuuhhh, I dunno, uh, he said he wanted EXTRA medium, and I'm lookin at the mediums... I donno how to extra it!

2. Dude, that is above average, no... EXTRA medium.
by MTM September 03, 2004

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