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1. An event that occurs in which the subject could not have fathomed or foreseen its possibility.
2. Any "WTF?" moment
3. An event in which the mind is confused to the point where only the word "mindbang", can describe.
Your mom calls you and tells you that she has bought and cat and tells you to go home. You return home to find that ninjas have slaughtered your family. Your only reaction is..."MINDBANG!"
by manfest October 04, 2004
an unfathomable shifting in a well-established paradigm.
my mom sent me a care package from back at home. i opened it and there was a dead cat. MINDBANG!
by wowowowow October 05, 2004
A perfect WTF
A situation where it is so random, disorderly, and crazy where the only response is MINDBANG
A fat kid in a wheelchair, going down a hill really fast and he wants cake but he cant have it because hes a fat kid in a wheelchair whos going really fast down a hill with a pool full of crocodiles at the end of the hill..MINDBANG
by Mrs X September 02, 2005
a "MINDBANG" something is SOOO random that it is the only that can word can describe it. like really weird similys or smething so undesribable only mindbang comes to mind
a fat kid in a wheel chair who wants cake but cant have any beacuse he's got no arms or legs and he is ontop of a very steep hill with a river full of piranas and crocodiles at the bottom of the hill. MINDBANG
by Mr .X September 02, 2005
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