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Taken from the 2011 summer series "Friends With Benefits," a Mindbanger is the one significant other who gets into your head and takes over your mind in a way that all you care about is becoming like them and sustaining a clearly dysfunctional relationship. All you want to do is become whoever you think your boyfriend wants you to be, while losing yourself in the process.

A person who is mindbanged becomes completely disconnected with their family, friends, and previous lifestyle in pursuit of a pointless relationship.
"Oh...there goes Sarah, falling for her mindbanger, Joe"

"Yeah isn't he the guy who totally devastated her after she moved cross country for him instead of taking that big promotion?"

"That's what love can do..."
by TheMusician September 04, 2011
mindbanger." A mindbanger is that one person you date who gets into your head and takes over your mind , and then all you care about is that person and being with them no matter how much the relationship sucks .
Guy 1: dude y does bob just dump her shes such a b*tch .
Guy 2 : he cant she's his mindbanger .
Guy 1: oh true .
by jorange123 September 03, 2011
somebody that you dream you can have sex with and will do anything to be with him/her
Man sahara is totally my mindbanger
by zayaa22zay September 04, 2011

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