Ones thoughts when one is sensible enough to not rape people but horny enough to get of to the thought of doing it to a hot individual.
"Damn, just the thought of those shortsmade me mind rape her"
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by SweetDaddyJ April 11, 2016
being forced to watch silly and mundane commercials before being allow to actually view or get the item you requested online, and feeling completely violated.
We had to sit through 5 minutes of mind rape, watching some guy tell how wonderful the product was before being able to download the information.
by brian29 November 20, 2010
1) noun- the definition for when a person says or does something exactly what you were thinking of saying or doing.

2) verb- the act of mind-raping.

girl: *thinking* "i want a soda."

boy: "hey, wanna go grab a soda?"

girl: you just mind-raped me!!
by pesky_yeti_with_meatballs April 22, 2010
When something has traumatized you so much that you felt as though your mind has been raped
Him masturbating mindraped me.
Fuck, that dude mind raped me so bad.
by Fushizzle guuurl December 20, 2010
The act of predicting what someone is thinking so often that they think you're violating their mind hence rape
The psychologist knew exactly what I was thinking. Its like he mind raped me
by r@ven August 15, 2012
A mind rape is when someone says something that you were just thinking, or totally agree with. You feel that they have intruded your mind and taken out your thoughts, similar to a rape, but instead, they take your thoughts instead of your virginity or innocence, and they come into your head instead of your vagina.
Julia mind raped me with her relevant tweets. I frequently re-tweet and favorite them because I agree with them so often.
by livvivk September 29, 2011
when you've been on a drunken night out and have serious blank spots in your memory the next day. You've been mind raped...
i had a real Mind Rape last night, i dont remember anything..
by Pigster69 December 10, 2010
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