It's when you bust a large amount of custard on a chick's face and she puts her hands out and makes gestures like a mime in order to find her way to the bathroom.
Damn boy! You just mimed that bitch up!
by Robert Sketch September 24, 2008
A person that's neither white or black. So he's neutral. You can't call him a cracker or a nigger, and he's not quite a crigger. Mimes are cool like that. Mimes are full of wisdom and they would like to share some of it with you. It's too bad they can't talk.
White boy: Look at that gangster mime over there.
Black guy: Yeah! He's so cool, I bet he can kill us both with his bare hands and mime power.
Asian guy: He's not white or he must be asian! That's the only race that is as cool as a mime.
by SingingMime May 14, 2006

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