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1. An extremely cool flightless bird that genally lives in cold areas.

2. A racist term describing a person whose half black and half white.
1. OMG! Look a penguin!

2. OMG! Look a penguin! *gets jumped*
by SingingMime May 21, 2006
A mimeborn gifted with the ability to speak. However, thay must say everything in song. They can usually be seen performing on the street or in your basement. If you see one on the street, you should give him a dollar. If you find one in your basement, he is probably making it his new home. You can either keep him as a pet or force him to leave. If you decided to force him to leave, ask nicely. Otherwise, the mime will get angry and begin singing sk8er boi, at which point you should just pull out your 12 gauge and put him out of his misery.
Mommy! Mommy! I found a singing mime in the basement! Can we keep it?

No dear, he probably has rabies and/or knows the lyrics to sk8er boi. Take this gun and put him out of his misery.

Aww... Mom...
by SingingMime June 05, 2006
1) It is what you say when your son drops something heavy on your toe. It is actually meant to be 2 words: "Ow, son!", but when you're in pain, you don't think about how many words you are using.
2)Something you say to show dismay, even if you don't actually have a son or got anything dropped on your toe.
1) Owson! What did I tell you about throwing bricks around the house!

2) Owson! My parents beat me because I threw a brick at my dad!
by SingingMime April 03, 2006
A group of people who hate whites and would like to see them all die. They themselves are really just a bunch of dumb, non-white teens who think they're tough. In fact they can't kill anybody and the most lethal weapon they have is a BB gun.
Look at that dumb Nepalese kid over there, who is in cracka killers. He makes fun of whites, but he's just a wimp. Someday, people will jump him and all he'll have to defend himself with is a BB gun.
by SingingMime May 16, 2006
A person that's neither white or black. So he's neutral. You can't call him a cracker or a nigger, and he's not quite a crigger. Mimes are cool like that. Mimes are full of wisdom and they would like to share some of it with you. It's too bad they can't talk.
White boy: Look at that gangster mime over there.
Black guy: Yeah! He's so cool, I bet he can kill us both with his bare hands and mime power.
Asian guy: He's not white or black...so he must be asian! That's the only race that is as cool as a mime.
by SingingMime May 14, 2006

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