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a girl who takes dumps in your toilets and plugs them up, usually done at volleyball parties.
Jake: aww millah did you take a dump in my toilet!?
#dump #millah #volley #ball #party #stinkin #mess
by bigdawgjoe August 31, 2008
The act of being excellent; first-rate or nonchalantly sweet.
You so millah I almost crap my pants.
by SweetBabyBlaze June 17, 2003
the REAL way to say Kevin Millar
aright so we got 2 on 2 out whos up if Ortiz walks?

by J 2 da P December 23, 2004
Punk wannabe poseur. Got no rhymes, ain't no reason. Don't waste your time on this one. This clown makes Vanilla Ice look like 2pac.
Little girls beat my ass like I was Millah.
by Pablo March 03, 2005
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