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A cow that no longer gives milk.
Previously a top producer on the ranch, that Geraldine is now a certified milk dud.
by Prarie Sequin March 04, 2010
Non-Lactating Cows.
You better think twice about eating those Milk Duds
by Pseudoman(likesodomy) December 03, 2011
When a guy sucks the milk out of a pregnant womans tits.
That dirty bastard went home and sucked on his old lady's milk duds
by titf*uck March 12, 2009
A nickname for a mentally-ill mexican, usually yelled in it's general direction
Mentally-ill Mexican: "MIILK DUUUD?"
Mentally-ill Mexican: MIIIILK DUUUUUUD!!!"
Person: "Milk Dud..."
Mentally-ill Mexican: MIIIILK DUUUUUUD!!!"
(The mentally-ill mexican now knows "Persons" face, and calls him "Milk Dud")
by uf4gt September 19, 2013
Half circle pencil markings in the writing utensil slot on a desk. Students fill in the sides of utensil slots on desks throughout schools with their pencil, creating what is known as a milk dud. After finishing a milk dud, students will typically erase them, but in many cases they're left behind for other students to continue the milk duds, shading in the entire pencil slot.
Ayo teach check these milk duds out, madem myself.
by lucasman1111 February 10, 2011
Big tits that go away when she isn't pregnant anymore.
JE had huge jugs last summer, but they were just milk duds. And I hate the fucking kid.
by Nowon July 29, 2011
A girl that starts off as being really cool. You know, funny, interesting, cute, stuff like that. But, upon getting to know her better, you discover she is an evil, manipulative, self-serving, self-indulgent, self-centred bitch. Like the milkdud candy. Sweet on the outside, poison on the inside.
"You know that hot girl I vibing all during Frosh week? Well, she turned out to be a milkdud and a total waste of my time."
by blank April 25, 2003