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Another name for African Americans, adds to Nigger, Coon, Spook, Spear Chucker, Boot Lip, Gar etc.
Webee bad, webee cool,,, webee lookin for a job tomorrow!
by outonbail October 18, 2003
Those small pebble like turd droppings that float around in the toilet water or possibly in your pants. Similar to dingle balls
Oh man, I tried to fart and blew out a couple a milk duds instead.
by outonbail October 20, 2003
Parolee at large.
When someone is paroled from prison then fails to report to his parole officer.
Hey man, the cops were here looking for you, I guess their doing PAL searches all over the freekin county.
by outonbail October 20, 2003
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