One of the best people you will ever meet a Mikey will make you laugh upon meeting him first impretions are key to Mikey's success in been popular everyone wants a Mikey to be close with.
Mikey's are strange people but you will learn to love it after spending a short time with a Mikey you will want to be his best friend.
Mikey's have a open hart and are prone to hartbrake Mikey's go well with aiden's.
Mikey's strong points are music and his eyes
Reece:who's your best mate
Aiden: Mikey he couldn't be any better :)
by Djcarrot February 04, 2014
A hot, kind natured man, who would do anything to please. Generally smart, with a liking for sci-fi genre of film - aka Star Wars.
Girl 1: What do you think of that?

Girl 2: Corrrrr, what a Mikey!
by Sara Hicks July 30, 2008
Usually a funny person tending to do stupid things but always doing it to help someone. Very personable yet makes enemies very easily. Also loves scifi movies and video games.
Damn that Mikey I just can't stay mad at him.

What do you know Mikey pissed off someone again.

Mikey:did you guys hear they are making Star Wars remakes.
by XxXxHonestFoRealxXxX June 07, 2014
A cunt
Did you hear what Mikey said he's such a cunt
by X_sup_x December 10, 2015
Absolute perfection. The best friend a guy can have, and the best boyfriend a girl can get. Really cute and nice, but shy and quiet, which makes him all the more cuter. Usually tall and fluffy. Also usually has a gay-ass cousin.
Wow, he's perfect, do you think he's a Mikey?
by Kanna Shidoxi November 22, 2014
A person who doesn't know exactly what he wants. Someone that doesn't appreciate anything. Though he is a very lovable person. Someone that you cannot take your mind off. When something goes wrong, he is there. He works hard, but doesn't really like to get to know his real talents. He is also very good looking and is a sweetheart like no other. First expression may not be the best, but soon you learn to love. Alot. He is also a very curious person that doesn't like not knowing things. But he always has time to show that he may care. A handsome young man that can take your breath away in an instance.
Mikey is very generous.
by Abrella June 28, 2011
A Mikey is someone who has a tiny penis (2inch)
I mikey'd that girl and she was not pleased
by Bhasus March 25, 2016

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