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the most amazing thing that could ever happen to you, he may disagree and tell you otherwise, but hes perfect in every way. Once you fall for him theres no turning back, and all you want to do is be with him. His eyes are usually a sparkly brown ; and when he stares into your eyes you hope that the moment will last forever because its the most amazing feeling, having him looking back at you. When he sings to you, its like your world is on pause and everything that should matter, doesnt. Because he lets you forget, and all your troubles fade away, and when your together anything is possible. He is so loveable, there is nothing you wouldnt do for him. And you know he feels the same , i suck at this, but its how you feel.
god, id give anything to be with mikey.

im in love with mikey.

mikey is such a goof <3
by anonymoustinney April 10, 2011
The best friend anyone could ever ask for, she has a smile that could light up a million faces. No matter what happens she stays true to you, and your friendship couldnt be taken down by anything or anyone. Shes beautiful, there is nobody out there that could ever replace her. Shes perfect in every way, and her eyes are ocean blue, when the sun hits them they look like the sky ^^ . Your friendship is everlasting, and it will never end which you know for sure, because if it ever did you wouldnt be able to go on. She has a way of cheering you up always, and when shes upset all you want to do is make her smile because you cant stand it.
how i wish that ellyn girl didnt hangout with wifey, im kindof jealous.

Wifey is the best friend EVEr.
by anonymoustinney April 10, 2011

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