1. A hateful rapper who frequently shouts out his name.

2. The protagonist of the NES game StarTropics, and the sequel Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II.

3. New Zealand rugby player.

4. An American football linebacker.

5. A basketball player for the University of Maryland.

6. An English football (soccer) player.

7. An American professional wrestler.

8. A Canadian pitcher.

9. A Scottish film director.

10. A jazz musician.

11. A French musician born in Northern Ireland, 28 January 1952, musician on the French scene and former collaborator with Jean-Jacques Goldman.

11. A rodeo performer.

12. An American MLB pitcher (b. 1959).

13. A new age pianist.

14. An Australian based Sound Editor, Multi Award winner including Academy Award For Lord of the Rings.

15. A Roundhead soldier who fought in the Battle of Rathmines outside Dublin in 1649.

16. A former sex worker (personal trainer) who provided sexual services to evangelical minister Ted Haggard.

17. A culture and technology commentator.

18. A medieval scholar.

19. Mike Jones (Chiker), Owner of the shed.
No examples needed for this definition of Mike Jones.
by frodaddy March 09, 2007
rapper with some talent, but can say his own name 300 times per minute
mike jones!! who? mike jones!
by nig00h May 06, 2006
A rapper obessed with saying his name.
Random person: Hey, nigger, what's your name?

Mike Jones: Mike Jones, Mike Jones, Mike Jones

Random person: Ok, please be quiet now.

Mike Jones: Mike Jones, Mike Jones, Mike Jones, Mike Jones

*White guy beats the shit out of Mike Jones*
by Johnny Johnothan August 06, 2006
An embarrassment to Texas rap, one dimensional rapper, who's entire career has been based off of him repeating who? its old. His audience is normally chicken heads, and wannabes. Also got his ass whooped by trae at the Ozone Awards. Tru-Texas rappers are Zro, Trae, the original S.U.C, big hawk, big moe, fat pat..etc
jeff: yo when iz dat nigguh mike jones gunna make a hit?
corey: i dunno, maybe when whoopi gets a haircutt..

jeff: Hah i guess dats never then.
by boyb512 January 09, 2010
The male prostitute who in late 2006 alleged the Evangelical leader, Rev. Ted Haggard, paid him for sex and methamphetamine over a three-year period.

Jones, who exposed the Haggard, is quoted as saying, "I felt I owed it to the gay community to expose the hypocrisy,".
Person One: Who was that one male prostitute that that one fag religious leader was fucking?

Person Two: Oh - I beleive that it was Mike Jones.
by M. James a.k.a. "pig" November 03, 2006
Mike Jones was cool before he dropped Who Is Mike Jones? His old stuff is great and he actually flows, but he decided to go the easy route this time and shout his name and number.
Who?! Mike Jones! If you hate Mike Jones look up The Mixtape Messiah on Limewire and hear how bad Chamillionaire wrecks on him.
by Lt Panda July 11, 2005
a man who knows all. if you have done it, he has done it better and HAS PICTURES TO PROVE IT! someone who has lived in NEW York, backpacked across Europe alone when a war broke out, can kick anyone's ass. He's afraid of no man and no beast and he will use his firefighting apparel and equipment to do so. Mike Jones enjoys popping "the question."

He is a famous rapper.
Mike Jones knows someone who is better than Roger Federo at tennis...he serves 80 miles an hour.

Mike Jones can take any cage fighter.

Mike Jones knows how long it takes to get from Cleveland to Cedar Point. He has never been there.

Mike Jones just published a book, "My Corrections to the Dictionary."

Mike Jones is the best firefighter there is. He has never fought a fire.

Mike Jones had a boner once. No one noticed.

Mike Jones doesn't have to eat. But he does it anyways to be cool.
by C-Block March 23, 2007
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