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a lovable prep dude who the ladies love
Santosh enjoys shopping at Abercrombie and Hollister.
by who? November 14, 2004
When a guy fucks a girl with his dick between her tits.
Yo,fred titty fucked three girls already! Fucking hilarious!!
by who? March 19, 2005
F.U.R.N or just FURN abbreviation of the sentence Fucking Useless Retarded n00b
e.g. omg ur such a FURN
or Man ur a FURN!!
by who? April 23, 2005
to sum things up, doctor garland is an ugly piece of shit who teaches cp chem at westford academy. she smokes pot and injects heroine as often as she can between blocks. she has this unbelievably annoying laugh that goes something like this: AH - HEH- heh- HEh- HEH. towards the end of her laugh, u can sense that she realizes that people are laughing at her and not with her, and she keeps laughing bcuz shes in denial. i hate doing her stupid fucking conversions. she also makes this stupid bunny face with her front teeth. she is sarah forsyth in 20 years, bcuz they are both ugly fucks who think people care about what they say.
u r such a doctor garland! i hope u die!
by Who? October 04, 2004
the best drink in the world! it's better than sex.
diet rite ownz joo!!!!
by who? December 13, 2004
the machine can break a bike chain with his bare hands!!!111!!!!!!!!11one!!!111!!!
man, i got really Bighoss88LX'ed after i drank that bottle of wine last night!
by who? December 13, 2004
A warbel is a raccoon with rabies. It is also used as a substitute for a "dirtier" word when expressing feelings about someone who you dislike.
"Watch out! That raccoon may be a warbel. You don't want to get bitten by one of those!"

"Man, that guy is a, why hello teacher! I mean, he is a warbel!"
by Who? January 02, 2005
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