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a stupid ass rapper from houston trying to be a fucking G by wearing all that fucking jewelry and people from houston and the suburban houston all suck his dick.and hes like a damn pokemon repeating his name.
John: hey man you wanna listen to some mike jones.
Rob: Na man that shit is whack
by westside fo life August 14, 2006
A bitch ass rapper that has short term memory loss and has to ask other people his name. Also slows his voice so he doesn't sound like such a bitch.
Hay Mike Jones
You dumbass.
by Smartrep February 21, 2006
an annoying swishahouse rapper who got famous by his reaptative catch phrase (mike jones who? mike jones who)
mike jones who i said back then they didn't want me now i'm...tippin on 44 wrapped 44 i'm mike jones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by ja-loc July 13, 2005
an alternate expression for mary jane. aimed specifically towards a female audience who enjoy the effects of marijuana.
"i'm in love with mike jones."
by bbygrl143 January 18, 2010
A generic rapper with a generic name who got famous by repeating his generic name to some generic beats.
Why, Mike Jones, silly!
by Gargalargamesh January 09, 2009
rapper with some talent, but can say his own name 300 times per minute
mike jones!! who? mike jones!
by nig00h May 06, 2006
A Mike Jones is a person who sings and or raps saying their name 2 times every 5 seconds, ammounting to high stress levels to whos ears this "sound" may reach
Who? Mike Jones
my name is Mike Jones
i like to rap Mike Jones
Mike Mike Jones who mike jones
by Matt from PV PA March 07, 2006