A former linebacker who played for the Oakland Raiders, St. Louis Rams, and Pittsburgh Steelers. He is most famous for tackling the Tennessee Titans' Kevin Dyson one yard short of the goal line in Super Bowl XXXIV, preserving a 23-16 win for the St. Louis Rams. This play has gone to be known as "The Tackle."
Person 1: Did you just see that? They just played Mike Jones' tackle in the Super Bowl on ESPN Classic!
Person 2: WHO?!
*Person 1 punches Person 2 in the face*
by KGthaKid September 11, 2006
A nigger that can't sing worth shit and thinks he's cool and has bitches.
Also see Nigger.
Look at that Mike Jones over there actin like his shit don't stink.
by KKKoolguy March 02, 2006
a rapper whose music shows a heavy influence from "timmy" the retarded kid in the wheel chair on south park.
borrowing from timmy's style, mike jones decided to say his name repeatedly, and often even in different tones as well. amazing.
timmy: timmy!!
mike jones: mike jones bitch!
by rilesworth September 07, 2006
a broke gangsta that spits the mic with authority.
the reason why you mofos struggle is cause you f***ers dont have no hustle muscle..........MIKE JONEEES
by marcus allen March 29, 2005
tight south rapper from texas also a swisha house representa like myself. and for the guy who said how hes a fag and all that stuff about the swishahouse knows he gets fucked in the ass by his dad so he needs 2 shut the fuck up b4 i bust his head opend talkin his sinceless shit when he dont know about anything. fuck off u fagget ass dude u probly 2 busy bein a preppy dumbass.
mike jones, paul wall, and the whole swisha house click is tight fuck the haters especially people who dont know what the fuck there talkin about
by dj mike April 20, 2005
a hard ass nigga from da h-town reppin swishahouse sup mike jones who? mike jones
u see i rep swishahouse
and show em my blue mouth
i got love fo da west da east and da southand fo da nawth-MIke Jones
by sadfasfdsaf September 08, 2004
A kid I grew up with in Wyoming nicknamed "Tripod" because he was hung like a donkey. tripod
Holly shit Mike! That thing looks like a third leg and is as big around as a beer can.
by Sally March 10, 2005
Somewhat who thinks they are very popular and wide known. The shit...
I'm Mike Jones Biittch
by angel March 21, 2005

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