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supposed to sound like 'my cunt'
Hi, would you like to meet Mike Hunt?
by veggieness April 01, 2005
the joke name you use when you make a prank call to a female in a public place (eg., a barmaid)
(barmaid to customers) "has anybody seen mike hunt?"
by mike hunt October 27, 2004
(1) In prison, one's bitch.

(2) In the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE films, Ethan Hunt's brother.
(1) Hey, Bubba, leave Mike Hunt alone! I don't mess with your bitches!

(2) TOM CRUISE (as Ethan Hunt): Where's Mike Hunt? He's my brother! If you don't tell me where he is, I'll blow your fucking head off!

(Confused foreigners argue about what Ethan is saying)
by Peter Crammer May 04, 2006
It's just a name. What's wrong with Mike Hunt? Does it make you feel sad? Is it smelly? Is it gaping and oozing fluid?

*say Mike Hunt*
Mike Hunt is so nasty! It's filled with pus and semen.
by Matt Genesis February 17, 2010
(1) Brother of Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt character in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE movies.
(2) Guy who plays the submissive hole in a gay relationship.
(1) TOM CRUISE: "I'm looking for Mike Hunt. He's my brother. Now tell me where Mike Hunt is, or I'll blow your fucking head off"!
(2) (In prison) "Hey Bubba, leave him alone; he's Mike Hunt. I never bother your bitches".
by Sharon Peters May 02, 2006
Who's lezbian parents are very filthy and want to see their child mike be made fun of for life.They wanted to name their child mike hunt for reasons whenever they say his name - it brings memories from the night before.
Lezbian parent 1 molly "Where is Mike Hunt?" Lezbian parent 2 anna "Why don't we go find out"

Teacher- "Is Mike Hunt here today?" Smartass kid- "He's actually really sore and won't be at school today."
by Hannah February 11, 2005
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