1. A very silly, hot, curvaceous girl.
2. a filet that tastes like crap
3. another word for girlfriend
1. damn she is mignon
2. ew, i don't like this mignon
3. yeah, she's my mignon
by TOMMMYZ April 17, 2007
-Attractive,Cute, Sexy, Unique, Intelligent, One of A Kind, Innocent, Freaky, Funny, Friendly, Divalicious, A Sweet Girl With Plenty Of Heart, Talented, Full of Energy, Popular, Emotional, Confident, Playful, Supportive, The Girl Next Door, Beautiful Inside & Out. 50% shy 50% Outgoing.

-A Role Model, A Very Independent Woman, Gorgeous, Simply Beautiful, Friendly, Energetic, A Caring person.
1. "Dude, Out of all the girls I met, I must say I have never met a girl like mignon, she's so......Unique and Beautiful from head to toe like she seriously has it all....shes your dream girl"

2. "OMG....Did you see mignon's cheerleading audition?? Im glad she is on our squad she is super cool.. I can definetly see her taking the job of Captain, I mean why not? She's a great role model."

3."I love mignon, she's always there to talk to me about my guy issues and if I cry she sometimes shed's a tear or two along with me...one of my best friends ever.."
by MoeFoYa April 24, 2010
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