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a mexican who thinks they are black and gansta..
cross between a mexi and nigger.. nigga...
jose b is a migga!!!!
by ARNOLD May 05, 2004
when your typing nigga but accident spell migga
BigPimpin69: The fuck you mean migga?
by ghetto fiend June 30, 2004
a mexican and nigga combined into one
migga please
by pedrosa10 July 10, 2008
A cross between a Mazen and a black man.
oh shit that guy's a migga!!!
by Mikoal Tang April 30, 2003
a cross between mich (an irishman) and nigga

it's a way to say "sup ma nigga" but to yo irish buddies instead. It is also as homie as homie can get. word dawg? you feel me?
Chris: yo ma migga! we ride together, we together, bad boyz 4 life
Luke: fo sho migga, fo sho. We be kickin this bitch like no migga eva dun b4!
by L-Status November 23, 2010
the offspring of a milf and a nigga.
a) damn shez fine!
b) yeh, shez a migga
a) wow.
by lame.laine. May 15, 2009
1) A vertically challenged black citizen with flavor.
2) Midget nigga.
I ain't never saw that lil' migga before the sum offa bitch raked in my shins liked some stacked cheddar.
Famous Miggas Include:
1) The migga from Bad Santa.
2) Beetle Juice from Howard Stern.
by Turkoise April 30, 2006