peaved; mildly annoyed and mildly effeminate

annoyance ranking:
* pissed off
* tit in a wringer
* ticked off
* undies in a bundle
* miffed

Frankly Biff, I'm becoming a little miffed by your frequent absences.
by mandingoe October 10, 2005
Top Definition
To be slightly annoyed, specifically with someone or something.
Jane is a bit miffed with Sally.
by Katie October 08, 2003
A member of the venue staff asks if anyone is there for "RammSTEEN" at which point a fan corrects him with "RammSTEIN" and the guy becomes miffed.
by Colter October 31, 2003
To be confused.
What are you going on about? I am completely miffed!
by Jennifer Tull August 27, 2003
past participle of MILF.
After one crests the apex of "Like To", one graduates to "Did".
Mother I FFuckED. Miffed.
Blake's friend: "Blake, Your mom's a MILF"
Blake's other friend: "Miffed that."
Blake: "Screw you guys."
by crashlanta October 26, 2011
miffed, to be annoyed or umm, bummed off.
miffed is a simaliar word to peeved, but miffed is better.
im bloody miffed, no frubes left
im miffed that miffed is already on here
by miffed :) June 02, 2009
To be incredibly pissed off or wicked fucking mad.
I was so miffed after I saw my chem exam grade that I wanted to kill someone.
by PaigeA May 05, 2008

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