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its 2am ,time to burn the midnight oil
by w. charles June 02, 2005
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An Australian rock band known for their driving hard rock sound, intense live performances and their overt left-wing political activism

Rob Hirst - Drums, vocals
Jim Moginie - Guitars, Keyboards
Peter Garrett - Vocals, Harmonica
Martin Rotsey - Guitars
Andrew 'Bear' James (1975 - 1979) - Bass
Peter Gifford (1979 - 1989) - Bass, Vocals
Bones Hillman (1989 onwards) - Bass, Vocals
beds are burning is midnight oil's best song ever!
by SeymourChamp April 03, 2006
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An Australian rock band active from the late 1970s to the early 2000s, known for loud guitars and political activism, but far more melodic and musically clever than many bands (often punk ones) known for the same. Lead singer Peter Garrett entered Australian Parliament shortly after the band disbanded in 2002.
I was at the Midnight Oil concert last night and their rendition of "Mosquito March" was awesome!
by Jyrki21 April 18, 2006
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Noun. Midnight oil means male semen. Comes from the fact that male semen is ejaculated usually by nighttime in shadily fashion and from its thicky, oily appearance.
You better watch your back, Annabelle. That guy is always ready to inject some midnight oil into unsuspecting p****es.

Oaah, I spruitted my Midnight oil!
by Pano Emporio August 05, 2009
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