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A hell hole filled with, obnoxious & bitchy people (usually girls), cliques, slutty girls, and horny guys. You sit in an uncomfortable plastic chair for 7 hours doing nothing but writing pointless shit in your notebook. Sometimes you might even fall asleep just listening to your teacher go on about something that you'll never need to know. You can't go through these 2, 3, or even 4 without being picked on about being the one with glasses. If you're different than the popular kids in any way, you'll be made fun of. The staff is filled with douchebags who don't give a fuck about you, the teachers teach you pointless BS that you've known since 3rd grade. Or shit that you will never use. They give you 15 pages of homework due the next day. So your basically up all night doing it, and you get about 1/2 an hour of sleep. You get detention for asking someone for a pencil when the teacher's talking. Your so called "friends" talk behind your back, the relationships don't last more than a week, and there is drama in every ounce of the school. The whole building it self looks like a school, but it's a actually a concentration camp for kids 11-14. Lastly, Middle School is a failed experiment to prepare kids for High School ran by the government. These are the worst years of your life, have fun!
Brittany (Before MS): Oh I'm so happy i'm going to middle school! I'll make so many new friends and i'm gonna be so popular!
Brittany (Middle of MS): GET ME OUT OF THIS HELL WHOLE!!
by I'm right behind you... November 01, 2009
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Middle school is a place that can either be fun, or shitty. Actually, it's mostly shitty.

Grades- 5-8 or 6-8 or even 7-8

It consists of perverted boys trying to get into any girls pants just to say they fxcked someone.

Girls that were all sweet and dressing in what their mom's picked out for them in elementary school will turn into complete sluts (most of them) and try and give a blowjob to anyone.

Teachers act like they know everything in the universe, when in actuality, they know just a little bit more then us, sometimes less -_-.

The place where people most likely become depressed.

6th grade- You're short, nerdy, oblivious to everything and anything that's gonna happen to you later in your middle school years. You actually TRY on your work and most likely get good grades.

7th grade- This is the place where you hit puberty HARD, horny little boys, slutty little girls. Cliques come in, you lose your best friends that you had in 6th grade. You get more homework and projects. The teachers stare at you wierd cause you're all in that akward stage of puberty where some of the guys are actually getting tall, and where most everybody is pimple-faced. You'll care about your grades and school work for about 3/4 of the year, then, all your motivation pretty much dies.

8th grade- Probably the best year there, you're the oldest and teachers cut you some slack. HAHAH just kidding, they don't cut you slack! They give you LOADS of homework trying to "prepare" you for highschool. Yeah, preparing and copying are two completely different things. BUT, you get a prom and graduation at the end, and you find out who your REAL friends are and who were the fakes. Nobody gives a shit about their work anymore. MOST people will stop wearing designer clothes EVERY SINGLE DAY and might possibly wear what they actually like. Some of the groups go away..but be aware, they come back.
Soon to be 6th grade girl: OMG! I can't WAIT for Middle School! It's gonna be so awesome! I'll have sooo much freedom and I'll be so popular!

Graduating 8th grader: I actually feel bad for you. I'll take the pleasure of being the first one to welcome you to 3 years of almost complete hell.

Soon to be 6th grader: Psh, yeah right. It's gonna be awesome!

6th grader turns into 8th grader and 8th grader turns into 10th grader.

10th grader: So, how're you liking middle school NOW?

8th grader: Holy fuck...it sucks, please...PLEASE, get me out of here.
Soon to be 6th grade boy: Boobs...mm

Graduating 8th grader: Dude, shut the hell up you little pervert, you're NOT gonna get a girl like that...god.

Algebra 1 teacher: Jamie, why don't you come up to the board and solve the quadratic polynomial long division problem WITHOUT your calculator? Come on, it'll be fun! :D

Jamie: *Left eye involuntarily twitches*

Teacher: Jamie?

Jamie: *Gives algebra teacher a blank stare*

Inside Jamies head: *cricket...cricket...*

English Literature teacher: Ok class, tonights homework is to read pages 1-237 and write a 1350 word book report on the chapters that you have read, and your thoughts on the exciting chapters that lie ahead for you. Oh, and it's due tomorrow, on my desk, by 9:00 A.M, and it must be Laminated and have a colorful front page. Thats all, you may go.

Students: Stare at her with expressionless faces

*one kid falls out of their chair and has miniature spasms on floor*
*one by one the other children follow in his footsteps and have spasms also*

Teacher: Oh god, not again...*calls school nurse to come up to the classroom and make them stop convulsing*
by JessieJawBreaker July 30, 2009
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Middle school is the worst time of your life. You get detention for not showing your retarded work. Everyone has their gay "cliques". Everyone picks on you cause you arent "cool". You get in trouble for messing with a stupid metal lock thing at the lunch table. All of the girls turn into stuck up sluts. You get 5 hours of homework every night. Everyone thinks they are better than everyone else. In other words, middle school is hell
5th grader: "Dude, middle school is going to be awesome!!!"

7th grader: "Think again."
by petey293 February 28, 2009
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One of the worst places imaginable. Usually 6-8th grades,but some are 5-8th grades,others 7-8th grades. Lunches are overpriced. Whenever I pay a lunch fee,I normaly accumulate some new lunch debt the very same day. Some teachers are nice,and can talk to you about anything,others are mean and give you tons of homework that is due the next day. After this,you go to high school,which I hear is even worse. In middle school,there is a lot of drama,and fakes on every corner. Popular brands that the popular (see:fakes) kids wear is Hollister,Abercrombie And Fitch,and Aeropostale. Some people become emo,and people start labeling you. (see:label) Plus,there are a lot of tests that leave you tired and unhappy. Some boys get into fights to prove that they're tough,and girls (some) love gossip. Once people get into middle school,they think that they are mature,and that they're awesome,but they're not. Boyfriends last a week or less. Some lose elementary school friends,others make new ones. I can go on and on,but I think by now,you get my point.
Trevor (whom is is in fifth grade,about to go into middle school):"Yay! Middle school next year!"
Trevor (now in middle school):"Middle school sucks. Girls become idiots,boys are pervs,and I lost most of my elementary school friends. I don't really have any new friends,and everyone thinks I'm a loser because I try to get by."
by ilovethesmashingpumpkins January 11, 2009
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If you thought Hell was the place where you go to burn for eternity if you've been wicked in your life, think again. Unfortunately, it's on earth inside buildings located throughout this country and all the others across Earth. It's called: Middle School.

This is a hellhole stage of your life, and if you are pressured, you will find this to be the harshest. All the social bullshit builds up throughout 2-3 years.

6 grade: Puberty. You're not a kid anymore. You can't watch Spongebob anymore without being laughed at. If you're in a public school, then you're gonna play a stupid game that goes by the name of "popularity contest!" In a prep school, you'll get the same, along with an additional piece of flaming shit: academic competition. It sucks because after the summer, you have not been warned and this comes to you as sudden as thunder- even more! The teachers have become worse (especially the gym teachers, which sucks because if you are in cycle classes, you'll get another one to face the bullcrap of... otherwise you're lucky if you get one of the awesome ones). Oh and by the way, more homework, less freedom. Have a nice year!

7 grade: Yeah, you've had a rough year. But that was just the beginning. You're in... the middle. It's all the same as last year, but it builds up faster than a spreading fire from September til June. Another thing catches the attention of your eye: the girls. CAUTION! As very fucking hot as they may seem, you gotta watch who you're dealing with. And remember, that as sad as some facts are to swallow, girls are surprisingly the worst part of middle school. Some are bitches. Some are nice and sweet. It also sucks shit when you see that they take likings to the bad guys! Those assholes who put others down to feel superior and better about themselves and act so bastardly to produce "good reputations" win the hearts of that hot babe with the nice rack. Do yourself a favor and, get to know them. Then you'll find out who you like. That's another thing btw, you start getting asked about who you like. You've probably gotten these questions last year, but there's more. Another warning is that your friends will start abandoning you for another bastardly attempt to become cool. What bites more is that they can be lifelong friends leaving you to rot in the dungeon. About the work, it's the same as sixth grade.

8 grade: The steamiest part of hell. A rapidly blasting weapon of agony that doesn't finish it's clip until late june. Everything you had in the past two years, plus more... What bright side you can look at is that it's the end, but it's a long journey till then. The pressure begins to focus on what you've always loved to hate: work. Because you're approaching high school, the teachers will begin to lecture you about how you have to pick up the pace and improve your grades because in 365 days from now, your grades will be written on stone for the colleges to see. "How wonderful!" you'll say. "I'm burning like a cat in heat and you have to scare me and make me even more afraid of life." Something happens. You get a Christmas present on the mail. It's tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. Your classmates will start doing them (another retarded attempt of them to be cool). If you've got friends and they start with these, you're not the luckiest individual in the world. If you've got a crush, that's a bad turn. All you can do is hope nothing bad happens to her. Here's the best part: Remember those assholes that used to put you down. Assholes usually turn to drugs, so you can look on the good side of expecting them to finally pay! If you do DAT (Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco), this will come back to bite you in the ass crack. What a wild ride!

End: When you finally get out of middle school on the last day of 8th grade, recite the lyrics to "The E.N.D." by The Pharcyde. They go "This ain't nothin' but the E.N.D. Follow me into the Sun and let your soul be free." And have an awesome summer.

Brace yourself for high school. Be prepared. Anyway the teachers are right you have to pick up the pace in time for college selection. Good luck!
You don't need an example for Middle School. There's enough said above.
by bigfootbeleva13 July 30, 2009
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Most pointless 3 years of life

You learn nothing useful in school, get more homework than high schoolers get, all the effort you put into anything doesn't count anyway.
You can get a 51% in every subject and it won't matter going into high school. Exams are pointless, everything about Middle School is pointless!!!
Your parents will freak on you if u get bad grades but grades dont ever matter until grade 12
You separate into cliques, and are that way until grade 12 (usually).
Everyone pretends to like all the new trends but they really dont care about them at all.
"Cant wait to get to high school and outta this place."-Middle Schooler
by the guy2222 June 02, 2009
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A place where all your hopes of life are crushed, burned and buried. Where kids pressure you to do drugs and lose your virginity. Where kids trip you in the hall and make fun of your puberity covered face. living hell fuckkkin teachers lie and get you in trouble fer no reason. cause most of them are on crack themselves.. hardd;;; thts just how it is.
kid1: damnnn!
kid2: what?
kid1: i see ponies,,, O_o
kid2: are you fucking high?
kid1: ahhhhheee ponny.
kid2: where the hell did you get drugs man?
kid1: mr. bachmann.
kid2: from wherrre?
kid1: middle school....
kid2: wtf.
by [[lover in hell. September 15, 2008
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term used to descibe immaturity about such things as sex, drugs and alcohol but is not limited to cheesyness
oh my god there he is!! do i look okay?!
shutup sara, you're so middleschool
by Gorgeous Me February 21, 2005
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