an evil place where parents put u so they can be kidless for 6-8 hours. it has people called teachers trying to teach u something called an education. then they try to make u pay money to eat "food" that moves and are colors that they shouldn't be. middle school is an evil place i tell ya. another thing. these evil people aka teachers give u something called homework. homework is a punishment i tell ya. it's a way of entertainment for them. when they say it's hard for them too, they're all bull shitting. they LOVE putting big red marks all over ur paper. i love it i tell ya.
p1: so what evil torturous middle school do u go to?
p2: JFK middle
p1: god, sucks 4 u huh?
p2: yea
by JFK Phreak September 30, 2004

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1) A vile, cruel, conformist, heartless place full of shitheads. If u are a boy you have to lie to get people to like u and then take it up your ass. If u are a girl it is even worse, people who have hit puberty make fun of everyone who hasn't and everyone goin through puberty is either ugly, pimple faced, outcast, or emo. People spread rumors horid beyond belief, kick your ass, or rape u. If u r accepted it is suddenly High School and the nightmare begins again.

2) The staff are old bitches who fill ur head with shit and the School board is run by conservative facists who want nothing more then to make you miserable. The Lunch is percieved as good but u will get Hantavirus from it. The janitors are overworked immigrants who don't even deserve the pay they get. The principle is a gay puppet controlled by the supeintendents, And the superintendents are media controlled, money grubbing, conservative, shitfaced dick who controls your life without u even knowing it.
Middle School was my own little hell
by Flippydaslasher October 31, 2007

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You cannot make it throughout 2 (or 3 depends) years of this hellhole without atleas experiencing each of the following things atleast once...

1:DRAMA!!! FUCK!!!!
2: Losing one of your good friends from elemntary school because of DRAMA!
3: Not being able to conenctrate on anything because of DRAMA!
4: jacking off in the school bathrooms (u all know uve tried it)
5: Starving all day only to be served food that tastes worse than your shit made by lunch ladies that look like they got radiation sickness.
6: making friends that know you from the inside out, and u can talk to them about anything, they understand all the shit uve been through and they can relate.
7: noticing that teachers are NOT always right, infact they are usually wrong.
8: forming a deep hatred for all establishment and not looking forward to school at all.
9: shitting your brains out after u eat that chili! OH BOY!
10: having a girl touch ur penis when she is high on ecstacy and u dont even kno it.
11: smoking weed!

middle schooler: poor child, u dont kno wat ur in for go fuck urself
by peculiarmonkey August 08, 2008

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a place you cant wait to go to
but when you get there you wish you could just fuck it all and go somewhere else.
For grades 6-8 or 7-8
supposed to prepare you for high school
but doesnt.
you prettty much spend all day talking, unless you have the shitty teachers that actually make you work
filled with skanky little girls
and horny little boys.
people actually expect to have fun in middle school, but if you are mature at all, you hate it with a passion.
this is the time where everyone thinks they know it all and are sooo mature, when they are really less mature than they were in elementary school.
Drugs are often tried, mostly pot.
The main groups at my middle school were....

Preps: The hollister hoes who think theyre better than everyone else and are rich and talk about the brand of clothes theyre wearing and how much money their parents have.

Emo: the group of kids that used to be labeled goth, but cut themselves.

Scene: The half prep half emo kids, almost ALWAYS myspace whores. Wear bright colors and funky hair trying to be "different" when really they are just the same as every scene kid.

Stoners: Often haters of preps, do drugs, mostly pot...quite often. Skaters most times, and guys mostly too. The scene girls often date them ,and in turn become stoners.

theres more but labels can fuck themselves so whatever haha
at my school theres pioneer day
a day souly for the guys enjoyment.
The girls dress up as slutty ass saloon girls with their boobs hanging out and legs showing
Guys dress as cowboys...and indians and often check out the sluts walking by.

as you can see middle school is weird.
it sucks
dont go there if you dont have to
if youve been and actually enjoyed that shit, your messed up :)
uffda:Hey kimmy, your about to go into middle school are you excited?
kimmy: OHH YESS, its gonna be totally amazing, were gonna be teenagers :)))
now kimmy is in 8th grade
Beffle: so kimmy, how do you like being in middle school?
kimmy: it sucks, the people are rude and concieted, the teachers are old and fucking mean, drama is everywhere, the guys are too scared to do anything when they like you, and life pretty much sucks.
Beffle: sounds like middle school to me, dont worry high school will be better :)
by kellylizzz.=p. May 05, 2008

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A hell hole filled with, obnoxious & bitchy people (usually girls), cliques, slutty girls, and horny guys. You sit in an uncomfortable plastic chair for 7 hours doing nothing but writing pointless shit in your notebook. Sometimes you might even fall asleep just listening to your teacher go on about something that you'll never need to know. You can't go through these 2, 3, or even 4 without being picked on about being the one with glasses. If you're different than the popular kids in any way, you'll be made fun of. The staff is filled with douchebags who don't give a fuck about you, the teachers teach you pointless BS that you've known since 3rd grade. Or shit that you will never use. They give you 15 pages of homework due the next day. So your basically up all night doing it, and you get about 1/2 an hour of sleep. You get detention for asking someone for a pencil when the teacher's talking. Your so called "friends" talk behind your back, the relationships don't last more than a week, and there is drama in every ounce of the school. The whole building it self looks like a school, but it's a actually a concentration camp for kids 11-14. Lastly, Middle School is a failed experiment to prepare kids for High School ran by the government. These are the worst years of your life, have fun!
Brittany (Before MS): Oh I'm so happy i'm going to middle school! I'll make so many new friends and i'm gonna be so popular!
Brittany (Middle of MS): GET ME OUT OF THIS HELL WHOLE!!
by I'm right behind you... November 01, 2009

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What comes after elementary school and before high school. Middle schools are usually grades six to eight but some are just grades seven and eight.

Everybody is going through puberty and there's a lot of drama. It's boring and all the kids are stuck there and the teachers can boss you around and the kids can do stupid shit because middle school kids aren't "little kids" anymore, yet they're still not old enough to be mature high school students.

NOTE: Middle schools mostly don't exist in the European countries and Australia. However, these kids are dumped right into a high school (which is grades seven through twelve) right after they get out of elementary school.
Middle school sucks ass.
by ugh seriously? March 31, 2007

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Middle school is a place that can either be fun, or shitty. Actually, it's mostly shitty.

Grades- 5-8 or 6-8 or even 7-8

It consists of perverted boys trying to get into any girls pants just to say they fxcked someone.

Girls that were all sweet and dressing in what their mom's picked out for them in elementary school will turn into complete sluts (most of them) and try and give a blowjob to anyone.

Teachers act like they know everything in the universe, when in actuality, they know just a little bit more then us, sometimes less -_-.

The place where people most likely become depressed.

6th grade- You're short, nerdy, oblivious to everything and anything that's gonna happen to you later in your middle school years. You actually TRY on your work and most likely get good grades.

7th grade- This is the place where you hit puberty HARD, horny little boys, slutty little girls. Cliques come in, you lose your best friends that you had in 6th grade. You get more homework and projects. The teachers stare at you wierd cause you're all in that akward stage of puberty where some of the guys are actually getting tall, and where most everybody is pimple-faced. You'll care about your grades and school work for about 3/4 of the year, then, all your motivation pretty much dies.

8th grade- Probably the best year there, you're the oldest and teachers cut you some slack. HAHAH just kidding, they don't cut you slack! They give you LOADS of homework trying to "prepare" you for highschool. Yeah, preparing and copying are two completely different things. BUT, you get a prom and graduation at the end, and you find out who your REAL friends are and who were the fakes. Nobody gives a shit about their work anymore. MOST people will stop wearing designer clothes EVERY SINGLE DAY and might possibly wear what they actually like. Some of the groups go away..but be aware, they come back.
Soon to be 6th grade girl: OMG! I can't WAIT for Middle School! It's gonna be so awesome! I'll have sooo much freedom and I'll be so popular!

Graduating 8th grader: I actually feel bad for you. I'll take the pleasure of being the first one to welcome you to 3 years of almost complete hell.

Soon to be 6th grader: Psh, yeah right. It's gonna be awesome!

6th grader turns into 8th grader and 8th grader turns into 10th grader.

10th grader: So, how're you liking middle school NOW?

8th grader: Holy sucks, please...PLEASE, get me out of here.
Soon to be 6th grade boy:

Graduating 8th grader: Dude, shut the hell up you little pervert, you're NOT gonna get a girl like that...god.

Algebra 1 teacher: Jamie, why don't you come up to the board and solve the quadratic polynomial long division problem WITHOUT your calculator? Come on, it'll be fun! :D

Jamie: *Left eye involuntarily twitches*

Teacher: Jamie?

Jamie: *Gives algebra teacher a blank stare*

Inside Jamies head: **

English Literature teacher: Ok class, tonights homework is to read pages 1-237 and write a 1350 word book report on the chapters that you have read, and your thoughts on the exciting chapters that lie ahead for you. Oh, and it's due tomorrow, on my desk, by 9:00 A.M, and it must be Laminated and have a colorful front page. Thats all, you may go.

Students: Stare at her with expressionless faces

*one kid falls out of their chair and has miniature spasms on floor*
*one by one the other children follow in his footsteps and have spasms also*

Teacher: Oh god, not again...*calls school nurse to come up to the classroom and make them stop convulsing*
by JessieJawBreaker July 30, 2009

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