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Middle school is period of education normally ranging from grades 6-8, however some school districts have changed that standard to grades 7-8 or rarely even grades 5-8. This is a period in which academically, the work load and required effort raises tremendously. Although in elementary school, many students simply had 1 or at most 2 hours of homework nightly, this is changed to up to five hours nightly. Lockers are introduced, too. These are storage units meant to decrease the weight on our backs and have a generally good purpose, they actually just make us late for class and sweaty as they make us walk everywhere across campus just to get a binder or a composition book for class. The enviroment also greatly changes socially. Some of your old friends just completely ignore you as they feel you are "uncool". People have boyfriends that they "love" after 3 days and never keep for more than a week. Girls just want to say "I have a boyfriend" and the boys just want to get some. However, if you wear what you like, keep true to yourself stick with your old friends and maybe make a new one, keep away from dating, don't lose your virginity, and don't do any pot, middle school can be a bittersweet experience that you will think of fondly later as many socially intelligent people do. Middle school was great for me.
Usually after graduating from fifth grade, a newly appointed middle schooler can either have a mostly great experience or a terrible hell hole depending on if they become socially "cool" or just be cool and have fun with their friends.

Middle school is cool.

A typical middle school conversation:
Boy 1: Hey, do you have a girlfriend?
Boy 2: Nah, just broke up with (old girlfriend)
Boy 1: Hey look at (girl with big boobs). She is HOT!
Boy 2: Yeah, I'm gonna see if she'll wanna do me later.
Boy 3: You guys are pervs.

Boy 2: Hey, I saw you earlier.
Girl with big boobs: Yeah, I like, saw you.
Boy 2: You wanna make out?
Girl: Sure, why not?
That was a no joke conversation I spotted at school. That is an example of what not to be.
by dZRe June 07, 2011

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