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Little turds who are perverted and like ugly girls with blonde hair that's ugly as heck. They try to fit in and wear what the other boys wear. They try to act so cool.

Girl: hey dude I like you:)

Guy: ** makes retarded whale face

*** confused girl and doesn't know if the guy likes her.
middle school boys hit on girls..... Too and act like they're the shit.
by Cletus Snauchera February 14, 2014
Stupid boys obsessed with hooking up with girls but are too afraid when it comes down to it. Usually 11-14 years old. Most of them don't care about anyone but them selves and like to call innocent girls sluts and whores to try and make them feel inferior but then still expect them the go out with them because they send you a few cute messages.

Or boys who say they like you and then go out with you but break it off and then go off with another girl two days later.

The douchiest guys you will ever meet ( exept for a few)

they wouldn't be so douche if the went trying to be cool all the time and let there sensitive shine through a little bit.
middle school boys are so immature
by Demented peacock December 26, 2014
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