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n. emoticon defining a whale's facial expression
When I got flamed I gave him back a whale face ._____.
by ._____. aka Rupert June 10, 2008
The look you get when you have upset someone on multiple occasions, it shows anger but not much, for they are use to being mad at you.
My girlfriend gave me the whale face when she caught me taking off her panties in her sleep.
by ...Huh June 22, 2010
1. The facial expression made on phone or computer that can be used for a variety of emotions



And even happy with the addition of sideways brackets.

3.a very popular expression made widely know by Ashlyn runnels of temple Texas who is the bomb diggity.

2. -_- , -_____-, ._____.

- -
\_____/ , ect ect....
"My wife just told me she's pregnant" - guy #1

"dude that's awesome I'm happy for you!!"- guy #2

"we haven't had sex yet -____- " guy #1

"whale face-___- " guy #2
by ANUTZZ March 22, 2011
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