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A deragotory way of referring to Microsoft; usualy used by people who use alternative operating systems such as GNU/Linux, BSD, or Mac OS X.
<tech support> So you're using Windows XP?
<me> No, heck no. I don't put any of that Microsuck software on my computer.
by Peter October 28, 2004
An insult to refer to Microsoft for their errors in console gaming ventures, such as the way the backwards compatibility in the x-box360 is flawed and has trouble working sometimes with what should have been easy games to incorporate into the system. Thus the angry response of "Damn you Microsuck!"
And possibly a "Dear ass faces letter"
Murphy:Dude whats wrong?
Ryan:Damn Microsuck and their stupid system!
Ryan:Okay if the game lags out during KOTR2 and I die at the START thats a fail on Microsuck.
by Irish teddy bear April 06, 2009
Get head from a midget.
....cant think of an examle for microsuck. Find a midget and experience it for your self
by guy mcgee May 13, 2010
A word that an anti-Microsoft person says because they hate Microsoft for the following reasons:

1. Microsoft Corp is awesome
2. Microsoft is getting it's innovation better and better each day
3. About 450 million licensed copies of Windows 7 has been sold
4. Microsoft's Bing is catching up to Google
5. ETC
- Apple fanboy: Who would want to buy anything from Microsuck?! Everything they make SUCKS!
- Microsoft fanboy: Well at least we are better than iSUCK.
by BlackWatches September 17, 2011
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