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A penis that is smaller than the ballsack. Often equals the size of a single peanut, and a person who has the microcock has trouble masturbating, thus using the left charging port of a TI-84 Plus calculator made by Texas Instruments.
-Wow, Andy has a fuckin microcock! It's a quarter inch long!
-Yay! My microcock grew by another millimeter! I definitely have to tell everyone on my myspace.
by uranmfer329 July 05, 2005
Bill Gates.
I'm not giving $200 to Microcock so I'll hack Windows xp activation.
by amnca November 05, 2003
A dick so small even a magnifying glass can hardly detect it. Had it not been for a hairy nutsack, it would often be mistakened for a clit.
Billy's microcock turned his face red when Suzy laughed at his miniscule meat-whistle.
by Mansnake February 11, 2005
Very, very small (micro) penis.
With so much pubic hair, it was impossible to even see Joe's microcock. You'd need a microscope to find it.
by Anonymous June 18, 2003