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5 definitions by Mansnake

Your nutsack.

Typically used when describing a really big ballsack. A sack that makes a mere mortal cower in fear.
Behold thy majestic applebag, and teabag it righteously! BIAAAAAAATCH!
by Mansnake February 11, 2005
38 7
When someone is so fucking stupid, you think their brain has been infected by a sexually transmitted disease.
Frank, what the fuck are you talking about? You've got some serious herpes of the brain, you fucking twit.
by Mansnake November 05, 2006
24 11
Having your face repeatedly pounded in by someone else's fist.
Frank Mir got Lesnared yet AGAIN in his fight with Shane Carwin.
by Mansnake April 17, 2010
7 3
A dick so small even a magnifying glass can hardly detect it. Had it not been for a hairy nutsack, it would often be mistakened for a clit.
Billy's microcock turned his face red when Suzy laughed at his miniscule meat-whistle.
by Mansnake February 11, 2005
8 6
Named after the famous geyser in Yellowstone National Park, this is a schlong that spontaneously erupts and unleashes a cum geyser right into your girl's face when you pull your dick out of her mouth.
...And boy, was SHE surprised when she got sprayed in the face by Old Faithful!
by Mansnake February 11, 2005
17 33