A stupid fucking faggot that licks ass holes and fucks other men. He is the demigod son of Poseidon, and has a small (micro) sized penis, that somewhat resembles a nipple. He has lots of "swag", and should go fuck himself.
Micro: cya guys! Swag duces
Person: Suck a dick you stupid faggot
Micro: Can I?!?
Person: Go fuck yourself dickfuck
Micro: Okay!
by bdxhskcbv February 06, 2014
Although there is no specific definition for micro I would define it as the following:
Maximal killing of enemy units with minimal losses of your own units through the use of strategical movement and optimal use of your units' advantages.
Micro can be used to survive when being outnumbered but it is generally used by skilled people all the time during gameplay.
Next to micro, a player also has his macro to watch out for, these should be harmoniously balanced.
Man, he just killed 10 zealots with 3 marines! Gosu micro kekekekeke ^_^
by Xeo March 13, 2005
Someone who talks so fast that one cannot understand their words.
The Galoob micro machine man. Chris A.
by Compliance May 31, 2006
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