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Michael Jackson was one of the most gifted performing artists in history. His opus is that of an American original of unsurpassed musical genius and spans songwriting and recording to original choreography, film, iconography, and of course, virtuosity of performance. His creative gifts were so varied and prolific that the world has only lately learned of his additional skill in the studio arts of painting and drawing. In terms of brilliant innovation that defined but was not statically bound to an era, his art’s impact on our culture and the work of other artists makes for an extraordinary story.
Yeah, it’s true: Michael Jackson is all that.
by ArteFact December 10, 2012
The King of Pop. His album Thriller, released back in 1982, is the best selling album of all time, selling over 104 million copies world wide. He is also the King of Dance.
Michael Jackson holds the record for best selling album of all time.
by xCHRiSxBROWNxLOVER2214 December 29, 2007
Grace and elegance - two words forever intertwined with MJ in my mind.

Graceful and elegant even in a simple slacks-and-shirt.

Or a jacket and pj bottoms.

Or the Thriller photographer's borrowed white suit.
Or soaking in sweat onstage.

Or flat on the floor with only a fabric drape across his naked body...

Now THAT is what I call ATTITUDE!
Michael Jackson has unbeatable style.
by CK777 December 10, 2012
Michael Jackson was an extraordinary entertainer and visionary and a gifted musician who, unfortunately, was also the target of human evil. Despite giving so much pleasure to the world through his music and humanitarianism, he was wildly successful and rich, thereby drawing to himself charlatans, hucksters and just plain ol' greedy bastards—most of whom were members of the media. Jackson was also surprisingly shy, which explains why he didn't bare his private life to the world, thereby leaving him vulnerable to destructive tabloid speculation and ugly gossip. Ultimately, Jackson will go down in the annals of music history as one of the greatest entertainers who ever lived, as well as a kind and generous human being. I wish his well-raised children nothing but good memories.
Michael Jackson deserves to be lauded and applauded.
by LibelFreeZone December 10, 2012
Royalty: King of Pop, Prince of Philanthropy, Duke of Dance and Earl of Entertainment.
The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, visited numerous children's hospitals during his world tour for the Bad album, donating lifesaving equipment to each one.
by Carl Z December 10, 2012
Born with a gift and purpose to bring to the world joy, happiness, love, care, compassion, and humility using song and dance.

He grew in stature from chocolate cherub to vanilla wafer with his sweetness.

Add a little innocence, silliness, and lots of intellect. And not to forget the subtle sensuality. Because he was human, sadness and loneliness often accompanied him.
Otherworldly...that's Michael Jackson
by I AM SPEECHLESS December 10, 2012
Books about Michael Jackson’s art and impact are illuminating the true story long-awaited by music connoisseurs. (And tabloid crap gets a flush-you-for-stinking.)

One to read:

Man in the Music: The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson by Joe Vogel assesses Jackson’s solo catalog 1979-2009, drawing on archival material from Jackson’s Estate, Jackson’s own statements, and extensive interviews with collaborators, some of whom had never been interviewed before. Vogel constructs an historical record founded on meticulous research about Jackson’s creative process. He persuasively contextualizes Jackson’s masterworks within a culture that nurtured--but also painfully extracted from him—their creation.

Embraced by critics and scholars, "MIM" has the substance to become a seminal and definitive text about the composition and message aspects of Michael Jackson’s art.
Oh goody, there are now books about Michael Jackson for intelligent people!
by MarkItism December 10, 2012