A name that's very often linked to childish, immature and shy people that are very unlikeable. They often hide behind others because they're afraid of coming face to face with their own fears.
"Wow, Micha seriously needs to learn to deal with that shit herself!"
by Eeurn December 20, 2012
It's a panamanian word that means the same as pussy or cunt
The micha of the girl is hairy.
by CarolinaRobles January 17, 2009
1. Name of unknown origin.

2. Word usually pertaining to an unusually selfish person, but totally oblivious that she/he is even doing it.

3. Someone absolutly horrible in bed.
1. I cant pay you the money I borrowed from you. I have a concert to go to, and cant afford to.

2. I would have a better time screwing a warm bucket of water. She was such a micha...
by poopydawg74 March 02, 2010
When someone hangs out alone in their car in a hot parking lot even though there are numerous other places to chill at. A person pulling a Micha usually does it because he/she has salty balls or no friends.
Craig: "Hey, I'm in the parking lot waiting for you to get here."
Mary: "What? Why don't you just wait inside where it's cool instead of pulling a Micha."
Craig: "Fine then."
by Bubblet Straw April 08, 2008
Is the word "Asshole" with legs.
A Very retard... man?
Thing obsessed with Pokemon and he born playing it.
The major ofense for an human.
A Thing who offends everyone, until itself.
Someone who loves the Eligio's Dick.
A Thing who wants a golden Marine dick from starcraft.
Zerling Launch Detected
A thing who plays starcraft against 1 computer, and with cheats, and it looses!!!
A thing who loves a girl and it want to play moar StarCraf
Guy, that dude is a micha
by wtf a chicken with tai November 24, 2007

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