mother-fucking; can be placed in any abbreviation in order to make it sound more directly.
lol -> lomfl
omg -> ommfg
wtf -> wtmff
g2g -> g2mfg
afk -> afmfk
etc. etc.
by Vasilyevich1337 July 12, 2005
Top Definition
mf has 2 meanings, often used as:

(i) Mother Fucker
(ii) My Friend

definition (i) is more commonly seen in chatrooms; whereas definition (ii) seen in multiplayer games.

if someone uses mf towards you, it's best to pretend you dont understand, so they will explain - either (i) or (ii). Since you dont want to just start insulting them.
<Shinosuke> Blah.. lets stop the conversation.. I dont want to talk abt it anymore.
<Person1> ok mf.
<Shinosuke> mf?
<Person1> mf - my friend.
<Shinosuke> Oh.. ok.. i thought.. nvm.
by Shinosuke May 13, 2004
mother fucker
You're a stupid mother fucker if you don't know what MF stands for.
by Falken January 17, 2003
In the PC game Diablo2, mf stands for "magic find". Magic find is when you go to monsters with good drops and keep killing them in hopes that they will drop a good item
Lets go mf meph or baal.
by Willizzle Tha Gangsta August 06, 2006
This is a term for Mother F*cker or Mother F*ckin that can be slipped into any abreviated or slang phrase without offending the majority of the public.
I really need to know if you can attend this party A-S-A-M-F-P! Hey Johnny, Did you get that M Fin' car started yet? <> For the ultimate effect, add a G D before the M F to abreviate God D*mn Mother F*ckin for ultimate stress relief without offending. EX Hello, I'd like you to meet my G D to the M F boss Mr. Sucabut.
by goatofcolors October 06, 2006
mf is a prefix that is slowly becoming popular on the west coast. It stands for mad flow and you earn that prefix if youi are said to be able to flow or rap to anything.
Mf bob, Mf doom, these are some rappers that have mad flow.
by kula April 27, 2007
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