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Same as "hurt" which doesn't have a past tense, but some idiots will think it does.
Blonde - "I fell down the stairs, that hurted"
Brunette - "Hurted? No, you mean it hurt"
Blonde - "No, it hurted, because it's in past tense"
Brunette - "Stupid blonde..."
by Wey Pooh April 08, 2007
the same as hurt but some idiots think that it dose not have a past tense

the proper use of the word is

oh man that bight hurts or
that book you threw at me hurt

incorrect use of the word is
that book had hurted
by correctuse June 26, 2016
The past tense of hurt
I stepped on a hook and it hurted by Marco the fishermen
by Marco hurted is a word July 02, 2016
The past tense of hurt. It is absolutely correct to use this term when using websites such as Facebook. Furthermore, your friends cannot ridicule you for using this term as it is absolutely correct (as previously stated).
Boy: I ate so much cheese that my stomach hurted
Girl: Don't you mean "hurt"?
Boy: No, it happened in the past, so it's "hurted"
Girl: Oh ok, you are so awesome.
Boy: Wrong, you mean to say "awesomest"
Girl: Thank you for correcting me
Boy: Your welcome
by captrow February 26, 2009
past tense of hurt
used for the day after when the tense is still a bit confusing
'i hurted my leg'
by buttercupp November 01, 2009
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