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Running sink water through your hair, often leaving it undryed.
Connor: Carson go take a shower

*Carson comes back after taking Mexican Shower*

Connor: Dude, all you did was put water in you're hair

Carson: It looks good and it's clean

Connor: No it's not, it makes everyone hate you
by D3Football December 30, 2013
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When a person, usually male, bathes heavily in cologne and body spray to make up for bad odor due to lack of proper hygiene.

Most commonly done by people of Mexican, or Puerto Rican descent.
"I can smell Ricardo's cologne from here"

"He took a mexican shower before we came to Taco Bell..."
by The guy who has to sit by you October 25, 2011
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a quick alternative to an actual shower, by applying enough cologne, perfume, and/or deodorant to cover up any funky smelling body odor.
i had 2 minutes to get ready, so i took a mexican shower
by toolg July 11, 2003
693 696
To wear way too much axe, cologne, deodorant, or all of the above because you are too busy/lazy to take a real shower.
Javier awoke from his nap realizing he had to leave in 2 minutes but smelled like shit, so he took a mexican shower.
by FONZZ March 09, 2006
38 46
(n) To apply liberal amounts of deodorant and/or perfume to mask body odor when actually showering is impossible, undesirable or too time consuming.
See Italian shower.
"Just take a Mexican shower and come over, we're running late."

I've taken many a Mexican shower during international flights- 9 hours on a plane, stanky!
by 83 July 06, 2006
56 67
step 1: put on water
step 2: wet hands (soap not needed)
step 3: splash armpits
step 4: wipe
your all done... go on now, have a good time!!!!
last night i got home late so i tool a mexican shower
by crazydevilsgirl May 04, 2005
40 57
also known as 'spanish bath'

a quick wash of face and under the arms and/or the groin and maybe the old talc powder in the greasy hair trick instead of a full bath or shower.
take 2 bottles in the shower? no i just spanish bath and fuck off
by nutsman November 22, 2004
26 44