A hard working, dream-driven person from the country of Mexico.
These damn mexicans are talking all our jobs, maybe we should work hard like them!
by c-h-u-c-k June 03, 2014
1. a person born in Mexico or descended from people born in Mexico.
2. a man with a long, thick, swinging dick (so called because Mexican men have huge dicks)
3. a person who works hard but is unappreciated by the society that he helps make rich
4. a person descended from Spanish-speaking people who lived in the Southwest before English-speaking settlers arrived.
5. a very attractive and sexually desirable person
That guy is so hot and has such a big package. He's definitely a mexican.
by chupathis August 20, 2009
1.Often used to refer to all Hispanic people.

2. What Spanish is called by some people.

Also, most Mexicans are hard working people. They don't come to here to take advantage of the welfare system or food stamps. Yes, there are some lazy people but if you say all Mexicans are lazy people, then you are stereotyping. There are a lot of people who think the United States is the best country in the world so don't get mad if we're proud of where we came from. They want to support their families, that's why they come here or work such low wage jobs. Those are the only jobs available for them. The jobs you don't want. They are not "wetbacks" "beaners" etc. They are human beings like everyone else. So next time you say something negative about them, imagine if you were in their shoes. Everyone works hard of course but Mexicans aren't the only ones that have some lazy welfare depending people.
1. Person #1: Where are you from?
Person #2: Columbia.
Person #1: Oh you're Mexican!

2. (A group of people are talking in Spanish)
Tom: Why are they saying?
Chris: I don't know, they're speaking Mexican.
by I'mSomeoneYouDontKnow July 21, 2014
Well-knowned as the smallest people in the world, averaging just little over 5-feet-tall. Also proportionally small in size is the Mexican genitalia based on Mexican porn. Yet, amazingly these small genitalias are capable of producing a hundred babies which is miraculous.
I went to the Home Depot parking lot and I looked down and I realized I stepped on a dozen Mexicans.
by ramos belle March 08, 2009
A half Spanish(white), half Mayan, (native american) people.
Multiethnic country in North America, who identify with the Mexican cultural/national identity.
Mexico became a nation in 1821, and has had an immigration of white Europeans(German, Irish/Basque and Scandinavian etc.) who have immigrated before 1821 and after.
Agustín de Iturbide. José Yves Limantour. Juana Inés de la Cruz.
Anthony Quinn · Alvaro Obregon · Margo Albert
William Lamport, the real-life Zorro
Álvaro Obregón, president of Mexico during 1920-1924.
Juan O'Donojú,
José Antonio Meade.
Edmundo O'Gorman.
Hugh O'Connor.
Alejo Bay, governor of Sonora from 1923 to 1927
Joaquín Philip Meade y Sáinz Trápaga, historian.
Michael Wadding, Jesuit priest and missionary
Judith Grace, television hostess
Vicente Fox, Mexican president (2000–06) claimed to have Irish ancestry, but was confirmed was more of German ancestry.
Lindi Ortega, Canadian singer of Mexican-Irish descent.
Cristina Fink, retired high jumper of Irish, German/Dutch descent.
Margo, Mexican actress.
Pablo O'Higgins.
Carlos Gallardo. "Mexican".
by SchafHirte12 August 06, 2012
a hardworking person coming to the u.s to reach a better life since their government is so corrupt and they also have starving people in their country since there is alot of corruption and fraud, the richest man in the world is a mexican and there is still alot of people living in the worst conditions.. this only proves why mexico is corrupt and that is why they need an amnesty
person1: hey dude, look at that man selling oranges
person2: he must be a mexican and has a family to feed
by Verolicious March 05, 2008
A person who has an extremely respect for his country and traditions. In the U.S.A. mexicans are an extremely important minority.
A: Jose is an excellent person, loves his family and respects anyone.
B: Of course!, we are mexicans!!
by Juan Mex July 19, 2005

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