A race of people who live in Mexico. Usually known for sneaking across borders, stealing jobs, living on welfare, and not showering.
"Dude, those Mexicans stole my job"
by SkyScott May 25, 2007
A tiny, brown species from the country of Mexico. Originally have the average height of 3 feet tall. However, since interbreeding with the Spanish conquistadors in colonial times, their height shot up to the average of 4 foot 9.

Known to be hard working, diligent, little creatures.

Great to have as pets in homes where they would clean your house, wash your dishes, and mow your lawn. They only require the inexpensive feeding of rice and beans three times a day.

Usually come to the United States by burrowing small tunnels under fences between the US and Mexican border.

Technically, this is illegal, but many Americans do not care because everybody loves Mexicans.
Those mexicans should be allowed to stay in America because they are hard working and dedicated people.
by Don Johnsonae October 19, 2010
Spanish speaking Indians that adapts to Spanish European culture in the 1500s, later called mixed blood (Latino or Hispanic). Mexico came under Spanish rule for three centuries before achieving independence early in the 19th century.
Mexicans who are brown have Inca or Aztec indian characteristics.

(Inca & Aztec indain tribes from central America, now know as mexico)
by utjyijijhikh September 04, 2008
A race taking over california, specifically the valley because they pick all of our fruits. They complain that they do all the work and that white people are lazy. In all actuality, if it wasn't for white people, mexicans would not have any work to do here. The only reason mexicans pick all the fruit is because they are not qualified to do anything else. They come here with no education, with no intention of ever learning english (look at mcdonalds employees). There is nothing else for them to do but hard labor that nobody else will do. I have never came accross a mexican CEO. Also mexicans tend to ruin everything. They are in gangs everywhere and tag the walls to make our town look like shit. They think they are badass because they drive a cheap old c class or escalade with big ugly walmart rims and put purple lights on it. They roll around town bumping their beaner music, with their stereos that cost more than their car. On cinco de mayo they come through town with mexican flags on the hoods of their cars while blaring their music like always. If they are so proud to be mexican then maybe they should go back. The vast majority of mexicans do not respect their city as well as their neighbors. Only a few people come from mexico and do good for our state as well as our country.
OOO Man is that an escalade? Nice reems

Yeah essay its a 99 i got it for 2 thousand bucks. the reems were on sale at walmart. Speeners!

-retarded mexicans
by tmoney408 October 24, 2010
The reason why we have vegetables and fruit in our grocery stores. And the reason why our lawn looks so great.
White Guy #1: Dude, I dont want to mow my lawn today.

White Guy #2: Dude, Do you have 5 dollars?

White Guy #1: Yeah, why?

White Guy #2: Go behind Home Depot, and say ¿Quién quiere hacer 5 dólares segar mi césped?"

White Guy #1: What does that mean?

White Guy #2: Who wants to make 5 dollars mowing my lawn? Then about 5 or 6 mexicans will jump in the back of your truck and then you drive to your house and then they'll do the rest.
by IAmNotRacist3333333 March 08, 2010
the coolest race around; usually discriminated by stuck up white kids: mexican men usually like to whistle at young underage females
mexicans are da best
by jon122333 June 10, 2005
To say Mexicans are hard working is like saying the same thing about a rock...they really aren't. Our white workers were replaced with unskilled laborers from Mexico who spend their time insulting white people because they don't get to be lazy anymore. White people are more hard working! That's why we have MORE MONEY!
Whites own Mexicans like dogs.
by BlueScholar July 26, 2010

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