pseudo-Spanish language that the rest of the Spanish-speaking countries don't understand a word of it. No kidding, it's the truth, not even a word.
(I'm was born in Spain and my girl is from Chile and we both completely agree)
- where's your new friend from? have he come to Spain to learn Spanish?
- come on, he should speak Spanish perfectly cuz he's from Mexico, but I must admit I didn't understand anything he's said either.
- Ah, then you should've told me before that he was speaking mexican!
by FrankieHamish December 05, 2006
Officer: hello sir, may i see Id?
Mexican: speky spanish!
by Testchamber October 03, 2009
A term for cramming people in the trunk of your car.
Yo theres no room for 8 people in my car. Lets mexican Joe and Tina.

Yo whos riding mexican?

We'll just mexican some people.
by corzlight July 12, 2009
One that carries swine flu. or one that jumps broders to get to the US
or one that sells drugs
Jair has swine flu.
Mexican gangsta got shot for jumping the broder
by The lonely boy May 04, 2009
1. A person who is born in Mexico; a citizen of Mexico.
2. A person who has ancestry or is ethnically from Mexico.
3. Arturo Chavarria (lmaoo i love you Arturo)
1 & 2. Taco Bell isnt authentic mexican food but its dayum good.
3. My bestfriend Arturo is the finest mexican in the whole wide world.
by Shannon aka Shay May 29, 2007
Some one that snuck across the border but foot, car or truck. A Mexican has at least 3 jobs, there job options are:
-Taxi driver
You name it.
Jim "look at the guy he looks like a homeless shit head."
Bill "Yeah! He is the new Mexican kid, his mom is such a slut."
Greasy, nasty, little scumbags who drive a chromed-out Ford Expedition or F-150 who need to learn some fucking English before they come to this country.

Also see Illegal Immigrants, Beaners, Wetbacks, Scum of the Earth
Wow, did you see that ugly ass F-150 with chrome all over it?

Yeah, did you see the ugly ass mexican driving it?
by Jsteezy1129 May 01, 2010

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