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A cross between a redneck and a metrosexual. If you have a graduate degree, own a gun, and use it regularly, you might be a metroneck. If you live in Montana and drink lattes, you are probably a metroneck. If you live in interior British Columbia, ski 100 days a year, and drink fine wine, you are most certainly a metroneck.
"We just got back from elk hunting...we drank 18 PBR's on the drive back and now we are going to make some foie gras for an appetizer before we head to the's been an epic day of metronecking."
by rootskier January 05, 2009
A generally educated and sophisticated individual who loves metropolitan big city life. A trend or trendy jetsetter. This can include theatre shows, reading travel & leisure or money magazines. They only purchase designer brands of everything, uses latest technology, carries a daybag, sachel, or purse, eats caviar, and routinely obtains manicures and pedicures. This person also happens to originate or posses roots from the rural southern U.S. Or, are called a redneck by some. They enjoy NASCAR, woods or forests. Have shopped at and love Wal-Mart, Piggly Wiggly Supermarkets, biscuits, cornbread, grits, collard greens, okra, pickup trucks, hunting, fishing, farming and own a very slow drawn accent. By definition, this person isn't necessarily gay or straight.
You were born in Vidalia, GA and lived there until you realized you love your family and roots, but really preferred the fast paced and big city living. Therefore, you no loger felt the need to avoid moving to New York, Chicago, or Boston. By using two words in the definition- metropolitan and redneck- Metroneck is the result.
by perryrules July 08, 2009
A male who grew up living in the country (redneck), who was urbanized not by choice but due to career choices, who is concerned about his appearance (metro sexual) but will not spend copious amounts of money to achieve a certain appearance or lifestyle (cheap).
If he wasn't such a damn redneck we could call him a cheap metrosexual, but I think metroneck better describes him.
by P Shawn March 31, 2006
a redneck who tries to act like a metrosexual
Look at Billy Bob's clothes. What a metroneck!
by Jason August 09, 2004
Metro-neck is defined as a Redneck living in a metropolitan area.
Many a country feller comes into the City and has to make a living.
You can take the boy out of the country, but you cant take the country out of the boy
It could even be the female version as well
Everyone has seen the invasion of Metro-necks into city area. Maybe your neighbor has cars in his yard, or does his BBQ different, tries to set up a shooting range, has animals gutted and drying, collects everything, makes a living doing a yard sale every day. There are too many examples to name in one paragraph
by Loincloth42 August 19, 2013

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